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Adulting: how to live a life of meaning

I ask, "wtf?" at least once a day. To no one in particular and most of the time to myself. Sometimes I turn to man repeller when I need some midday inspiration. But most of the time I stick to the list of life hacks below.   1. Decide what you want. Daily,...

The Ketogenic Diet: does it work?

I hear about the ketogenic diet from friends, family, and colleagues ALL THE TIME.  Here’s what I was able to summarize from current research on the topic. Vocabulary to know before reading ketogenic: resulting in the production of ketones carbohydrate: a biological...

Look past the perfect looking apple

How can Canada waste $31 billion in food each year but also fail to provide over 4 million people with something to eat? This seems like an odd phenomenon but it is happening.  This is the intersection of food loss, food waste, and food insecurity.